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Why You Need The Disneyland Book

Disneyland is sometimes called the “happiest place on earth,” but on a busy day, it can turn into most exasperating place instead, with long lines and crowds everywhere. Using the tips in the book, you’ll have more fun, save money, spend more time riding and less waiting.

What The Disneyland Book Can Do for You:

Page_2-boardSave Money:  New for 2014, the author has partnered with the top activity marketplace to offer readers an exclusive ticket discount, the best one we know of online. That alone will save you more than you’ll spend on the book. Save even more by picking free souvenirs and taking advantage of our Cheap Eats.

Lose the Wait:  Taking a random walk around Disneyland, you could easily wait 30 minutes (on average) per ride. Tips in the book can cut that to 10 minutes. Over a normal day, that’s more than 3 hours to spend on something more fun than waiting.

Stay Longer: Time is money, the old saying goes and at Disneyland it’s 100% true. When the park is open 14 hours in a day, it’s easy to get worn out in half that time. The energy-saving tricks in the book will help you stay at least 25% longer. Think of it as a bonus: lower cost per hour of fun

Wow Your Companions: You’re planning a trip for your friends or family and want to surprise and delight them, you’ll find lots of little-known tricks and fun, hidden ways to make them say Wow!

The Disneyland Book is Different and Fun to Read

The Disneyland Book started out to be a little book full of tips for how to have a good time at Disneyland, but after writing a traditional guidebook, full of nothing but words. I wanted The Disneyland Book to be something different than just another, ordinary blah-blah-blah, advice from your mother kind of book. I set out to make this new one something that’s as much fun to read as Disneyland is to visit.

The result is a guide done in comic book style inspired by Italian fotoromanzi, a genre of comics illustrated with photographs instead of drawings. Here’s a sample:


The Disneyland Book is Up to Date

Using a traditional publisher, most guide books are out of date before they’re released, which can be 8 months or more after the last word was written. Instead, The Disneyland Book is self-published and updated every  year to keep it current. It also comes in a digital versions for all your mobile and home-based devices, so you can get it any way you want it.


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