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If you used all the tips in The Disneyland Book, you could save hundreds of dollars, cope with crowds (or avoid them altogether), spend less time in line, have more energy to enjoy the whole day and prevent meltdowns and tantrums.

To give you an option that best meets your needs, we’ve created many ways to buy The Disneyland Book:

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Kindle Book



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List: $9.89


List: $6.99



get the disneyland book for free

This isn’t a joke.

You can get the Disneyland Book for Free

Cute and colorful

Like an old-fashioned comic book

Hold it, make notes in it and access it anywhere

Read it anywhere

Save Money

Get it immediately

It’s cute, it’s fun and it will save you time and money

And yes…. It’s true.

You can get it for free.


*This product works on black-and-white Kindles, but it loses its colorful appearance.
**New in 2014, each comic panel can be magnified for easier reading on smaller screens, but this book is not recommended for reading on a very small smart phone screen

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