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Who Wrote The Disneyland Book?

This cartoon woman stands in for author Betsy Malloy in The Disneyland Book and she’s here now to tell you more about her:

Author Betsy Malloy has spent more time at Disneyland than you may in your entire lifetime. For more than a dozen years, she has written about Disneyland for About.com at gocalifornia.about.com.  She also wrote Adams Media’s “Everything Guide” to Disneyland. Read her author profile at Amazon.com.

Betsy enjoys experiencing all that Disneyland has to offer, but she’s also an observer, always on the lookout for people who could be enjoying it more – or those who are having more fun than normal, so I can find the best Disneyland tips to help everyone have the best vacation possible.

Reading this book is like having a chat over the back fence with a friendly neighbor who just happens to be an expert in having fun at Disneyland.

Betsy wrote this guide book to help you have a Disneyland vacation that makes you say Wow!

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